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Summer Dance at Dance Your Dreams!

Dancing over the summer is a great opportunity for new and experienced dancers alike! DYD offers lots of options to meet a variety of needs over the summer. Try some of our one day clinics: Totally Turns, PowerFlex, Back Handsprings, Aerials and Tucks, Acro4Cheer, Dance Theater Workshop, AcroDance and sign up for our 4 week summer session where we offer a variety of styles! Do you have a beginner dancer and you're unsure which style to sign up for next fall? Try one of our NEW Sampler Programs!!  EDDC Competition team auditions are also held over the summer. If you're interested in trying out for our competition team, head over to the EDDC page for more info!

Totally Turns - June 20th & August 9th 5:00 - 6:30PM

Pirouettes, Pique turns, Fouette turns and more! Spin your way into summer with our amazing turns clinic! During the clinic, dancers will break down the basics of many different turns based on their skill and development level. Dancers will work on strength and balance to make their turns more successful. Dancers will work through different drills and exercises to improve turnout and more! Dancers will also work on proper body alignment, proper placement of arms and legs, and proper spotting technique during turns. This class will be tailored to meet the various needs of each dancer so that they get exactly what they want/need out of it. This clinic would be best for dancers with moderate experience who are at least 7 years old.

*This class would highly benefit dancers looking to audition/be a part of the EDDC for the upcoming season.

Cost: $37.50

PowerFlex - June 20th & August 9th 6:30 - 8:00PM

Weird flex, but okay?! This 1.5-hour class is designed for the more serious dancer looking to improve flexibility, increase stamina, and take their training to the next level. Improvement in dance begins with strength training! Dancers will work on drills and exercises designed to help them reach their dance goals. The benefits of strength traning for dancers are increased skill-consistency, reduced risk of injury, improved endurance, and more! This class will focus on many areas including jump height, hip strength and mobility, core strength, and so much more! We recommend this class for dancers at least 8 years of age with significant dance experience.

*This class would highly benefit dancers looking to audition/be a part of the EDDC for the upcoming season.

Cost: $37.50

Handspring Clinic - June 28th 5:00 - 6:30PM

Has your dancer mastered front/back walkovers and they're ready to move up to the next level? Come to our 1.5-hour Handspring Clinic where students will work on different drills and exercises to build strength and correct progression. This will help them work towards landing their back/front handsprings! 

Cost: $37.50

Aerials & Tucks Clinic - June 28th 6:30 - 8:00PM

Has your dancer mastered front/back walkovers AND front/back handsprings and they're ready to move up to the next level? Come to our 1.5-hour Aerials & Tucks Clinic where students will work on different drills and exercises to build strength and correct progression. This will help them work towards landing their side/front aerial and back tucks! 

Cost: $37.50

Acro4Cheer - July 6th 5:30 - 7:30PM

Calling all cheerleaders!! Join us for this 2-hour Acro clinic designed specifically for cheerleaders! The class will focus on drills and skills needed for cheerleading routines like cartwheels, roundoffs, front and back walkovers, and handsprings. Participants will also work on jumps and drills to improve those jumps. The class will begins with cardio and a deep stretch. Participants will also work to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. This is a great opportunity for cheerleaders to keep up with their skills in the off season and prepare for the upcoming season/ tryouts!

Cost: $50

Summer Session 2022 - July 11th through August 4th!

Ready to dance, but unsure what style? Looking to keep up with your skills over the Summer? DYD's 4-week Summer Session is a great way to try new styles before the regular season! Test out different styles to be sure the dancer truly will enjoy themselves! The Summer Session is also a great way to keep up with your dancing to be ready for the upcoming season. Register for one class for $45, two classes for $84, or three classes for $105 to get the best deal. (Other discounts for more classes are available)

Have a busy schedule over the summer, but want your dancer to keep up on some skills? Drop-in classes are available for most of our Summer Session classes for just $15 per class!

- See schedule below to register!

Summer Samplers - July 11th through August 4th!

Do you have a child who is new to dancing and you cannot decide what styles to enroll them in?? Our Sampler Classes during our Summer Session are the PERFECT opportunity to try a variety of styles before committing to one (or more!) for the regular season. This is also a good opportunity for Beginner/Level 1 students who want to keep up with a  variety of classes, but may not have the time over the Summer to commit to multiple classes. Samper 1 will focus on more technique-based classes and includes: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Tap. Sampler 2 is a high-energy series and includes: Acro, Hip Hop, Dance Theater, and CheerDance. Enroll in one or both of these classes as part of the 2022 Summer Session! - See schedule below to register!

Dance Theater Workshop - August 8th 5:00 - 7:30PM

Does your child love to perform? Sign them up for our 2.5 hour Dance Theater Workshop (Shh , we don't talk about the theme of this workshop!) While learning, enjoy some of our favorite hits about a fantastical, magical family. This workshop will incorporate dancing with a focus on expressions, playing a character and telling a story. The clinic will end with a performance for parents... so many stars and everybody gets to shine!! 

Cost: $62.50

Acro Fundamentals Clinic - August 10th 5:30 - 7:00PM

Ready to master the basics of all things Acro and Tumbling? Join us for our Acro Fundamentals Clinic! This clinic is designed for the dancer who is working on perfecting cartwheels, round-offs, backbends, handstands, and more. Dancers will work on strengthening their body to continue working towards these skills. During the clinic, different drills will be used to get them closer to acheiving their goals! This clinic will ensure they have a solid start to their basics to get prepared for higher-level tricks and skills! 

Cost: $37.50

AcroDance - August 11th 5:30 - 7:00PM

Love Acro? Love dancing? Join this 1.5 hour clinic where we'll focus on combining the two art forms! AcroDance requires seamless transitions between dance moves and Acro skills and musicality. This clinic is a great opportunity to build these skills. Dancers will focus on transitions in and out of dance and Acro movement. Combinations will be used to put both styles together and build experience.

Cost: $37.50

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