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National Dance Foundation


National Dance Week at DYD!

National Dance Foundation Mission Statement: "NDF is a 501c3 non profit foundation whose mission statement is : To expose and introduce as many people as possible to the enjoyment and benefits of dance thru promoting dance in schools, expanding community awareness, and increasing professional development."(Source:

NDF History: "National Dance Foundation (formerly National Dance Week Foundation) was formed in 1981 when a group of dance-related organizations began a strong “grass roots” movement to bring greater recognition to dance. National Dance Week Foundation was established as a non-profit foundation in 2011. Over the years, the organization’s dedication to its founding mission has inspired events and initiatives taking place throughout the year. These reflect the unique and creative abilities of the individuals and organizations who participate, encourage, and take the lead in an array of events and initiatives, including A Chance to Dance, Dance Mob, Kick for Kindness and the Essay/Poster Contests, creatively celebrating dance in unlimited ways.
The NDF Board consists of an Executive Director, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and additional board members who head various committees. A volunteer workforce is also made up of NDF Ambassadors from all facets of the dance world across the country."  


What is an Ambassador? 

DYD is a National Dance Foundation Ambassador meaning we are helping get all dancers to take the lead in our community. At DYD, we believe in community involvement, service, and respect. As an Ambassador for the NDWF we will be working year round to express our passion for dance and community outreach. Another aspect of the NDWF Ambassador Program is teaching life skills through dance. We are working every day to create the stars of tomorrow! 


Take a look below at this awesome list of events to participate in at DYD and around the community!

List of NDW Events:
                          *Learn our NDW dance and submit to be a part of our
                            BIG DYD video!
                                 - Video to learn available on your Parent Portal!
                                 - Video submission due by April 26th!
                            1 of 5: Coloring Contest
                                 - Copy of Coloring Page
                            2 of 5: Create Your Own Dance
                            3 of 5: Teach a Family Member
                            4 of 5: Splits in a Silly Place
                            5 of 5: Recital T-Shirt Design Contest
                          Contest Rules:
                            1. ALL entries are due by April 26th to be enter for prizes
                            2. Entires can be submitted by email           
                                (, on the DYD BAND app,
                                or Facebook
                            3. Full details are available on each contest page. Contest
                                pages can be found in the links above, in your email, or on
                                your Parent Portal
Theme Days!
Theme Day List          Theme Days Follow Along Board
April 18th (Saturday) - Crazy Sock Day! 
                           *Bring out those silly socks and show them off!
April 19th (Sunday) - Mismatch Day!
                           *What's your craziest outfit?
April 20th (Monday) - Old Costume Day!
                           *Bring out those old dance or Halloween costumes!
April 21st (Tuesday) - Tutu Tuesday!
                           *Show off your favorite tutu or get creative!
April 22nd (Wednesday) - Studio Color Day!
                           *How much blue and purple do you have?
April 23rd (Thursday) - Crazy Hair Day!
                           *How silly/creative can you be?
April 24th (Friday) - Teacher Day!
                           *Dress up/act like your teacher!
April 25th (Saturday) - Dance Outside Day!
                           *Rain or Shine, but get outside and get moving!
April 26th (Friday) - Show & Tell
                           *Show us your favorite dance move, tell us why you
                             love to dance, and/or tell us why you love DYD!
Meet with Your Dance Teachers!
*Log on to Google Meet and say hello to your dance teachers who miss you so much! Full details and instructions will be emailed out.
Miss Katie: Monday, April 20th at 5-5:20PM
Miss Nikki: Tuesday, April 21st at 5-5:20PM
Miss Caroline: Wednesday 5-5:20PM
Miss Raven: Wednesday, April 22nd at 6-6:20PM
Miss Laura: Thursday, April 23rd at 5-5:20PM
Miss Angela: Thursday, April 23rd at 6-6:20PM
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