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Class Descriptions

Acro/Tumbling: This is not your typical tumbling or gymnastics class! This class helps to develop courage, strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility of all parts of the body, jumping abilities, and grace. Each class will focus on developing flexibility, balance, muscle control, discipline and concentration. This class focuses on fundamental acrobatic technique, teaching such skills as handstands, cartwheels/roundoffs, back bends, limbers, walkovers, balance and contortion tricks, handsprings, and other tumble skills all to each student's individual level of experience. All precautions for safety are taken into account with proper explanations, demonstrations, equipment and assistance. The Saturday Acro/Tumbling class will welcome all levels of dancers with more focus on strengthening for tumbling versus flexibility for contortion work. Within each class a proper stretch is completed before moving into mat activities of control tricks and then power tricks.

Ballet: Known for helping dancers increase body control, balance, agility, and core strength, Ballet is an essential cornerstone in a dancer’s training. This graceful style uses every part of the body from head to toe—teaching dancers discipline and musicality. Often called a dancer’s “foundation,” Ballet actually helps dancers perform better in other styles such as Pointe, Lyrical, Creative Movement, Jazz, Tap, and Dance Theater. Class begins with a traditional barre warm up, followed by both slow and quick movements in the center. Classes contain both the Italian Cecchetti Method, (focused on smaller, more delicate and precise movements with emphasis on body control), and the Russian Vaganova Technique, (specializing in grander, more expansive movements). As dancers progress through the levels of Ballet, Pointe is introduced in class for a higher learning level of Ballet.

*Dancers are evaluated for Pointe based on several aspects such as, but not limited to: their ability, strength, and commitment levels. Decision is made by Ballet instructor only and age does not play a role in the decision.

CheerDance: This high energy class will help you learn how to work as a team. The class will focus on correct arm placement, proper execution of jumps, tumble skills and stunts. Dancers will work on strengthening the entire body while learning about the different safety precautions that should be used while cheering. This class is good for current cheerleaders looking for extra practice, little ones looking for experience, and dancers looking to strengthen the body in a different way. While we do not necessarily have anything to cheer for, vocals may be used to learn the multi-tasking ways of moving the body. Because of not needing to practice/learn vocal cheers like in school cheerleading, we have more time to perfect arms and jumps along with diving deeper into stunting. Each class will include proper warm up focusing on safe stretching and flexibility, memorization of body placements, and so much more. Partner/group work will be used to encourage teamwork. All safety precautions are taken including use of mats and stunt helping.

Contemporary: Contemporary explores moving the body, especially the spine, in ways different from more traditional styles such as Ballet, Tap, and most Jazz. Creative Movement teaches dancers to ground themselves and adjust their weight placement to use the floor in a whole new way. Both fluid and sharp movements are found in this barefoot style of dance, which can express a message, story, emotion, mood, or feeling through movement. A Class includes a warm up in the center, followed by traveling and stationary steps, and concludes with dancers learning original choreography, be it a short combination, or part of a larger piece of work. **JAZZ OR BALLET IS REQUIRED IN ADDITION TO TAKE THIS CLASS**

Dance Theater: This class combines the artistic worlds of Theater and Dance, teaching dancers how to tell a story, play a character, and convey moods, feelings, and emotions through dance. In this class, dancers will study pantomime, (acting to music by using body language, gestures, and facial expressions instead of words). Dancers will be encouraged to “use their face” while performing, which can help them perform better in other classes as well! The styles of music used for this class varies greatly, promoting versatility, and although steps are usually from Jazz or Ballet genres, sometimes steps from other genres are also thrown in to keep dancers on their toes! (Pun intended). **DANCER MUST BE ENROLLED IN ANOTHER CLASS (ANY STYLE) TO TAKE THIS CLASS**

Hip Hop: This ultimate high-energy class infuses the most modern styles of dance including old and new urban, street, breaking, popping, and locking. During class, dancers will step outside of the box and will use their own personality and style to make movements and combinations their own. Dancers will be working on strength and stamina to master basic steps through intense combinations. Fun activities are used during class such as learning some of today’s popular dances! Appropriate Hip Hop music will be used to focus on putting movements with the beats to develop dynamics, flexibility, body balance, and coordination. Each class begins with proper warm-up of the entire body, across the floor movements to improve physicality, center work for balance, and combinations to put it all together!

Jazz: This high energy class combines a lot of movement with the discipline of technique. We will focus on isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and complex rhythms and patterns. Dancers will learn various styles of Jazz such as Broadway, Street, and contemporary to grow as a well rounded dancer. This fun and energetic class will expand into different elements including kicks, leaps, turns, splits, etc. Each class will include a proper warm-up focusing on improving flexibility, across the floor progressions and combinations, along with center activities to develop strength and grace.

"Lil" Level: These classes are meant for dancers ages 3 - 4 years old. Foster a love for movement with this high energy yet structured environment. We will focus more on listening, social, and coordination skills through movement and music. Dancers can explore classes with the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobats, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. Stretching in the beginning of each class will be set to music to allow for creativity and to begin translating the music into movement. Interaction is consistent and incorporates a high level of praise to promote a strong sense of accomplishment. The class will help advance skills through imagination activities, a lot of movement, games, and singing! The fun will never end!

Lyrical: Lyrical is a combination of Ballet and Jazz where you can learn how to make the body

flow and connect from movement to movement. Learn to portray true emotions through the body, face, and use of musicality. With progression of the class, we will emphasize music lyrics while telling a story with fluid movement. Each class will include a proper warm-up/stretch focusing on core strength, flexibility, extensions, and intricate movements. Across the floor moves will be used along with center skills that will help the dancer interpret their movements with feeling, motion, and style. By the end of the class, each dancer will have a new set of emotions to pull upon that can be used in all styles of dance! **JAZZ OR BALLET IS REQUIRED IN ADDITION TO TAKE THIS CLASS**

Tap: Using foundations from all forms of dance, tap is created by a mixture of Ballet and Jazz movements and Tap sounds. In this class, dancers will learn everything from basic to complex steps and how to put those steps together to create a variety of unique and fun beats with or without music. We will explore both rhythm and Broadway styles. Rhythm Tap focuses highly on musicality whereas Broadway Tap focuses on dance movement and expression. Both styles will have emphasis on syncopation and sound clarity as well as arm movement and animation. During this class, a proper warm up of the feet and ankles will be done along with across the floor movements. We will work on perfecting sounds and technique.

"Tiny" Level: These classes are meant for dancers ages 18 months - 2.5 years old. We will be working on developing or enhancing listening, social, and motor skills through movement. Our "Tiny" dancers have multiple styles of dance available to them such as Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Acro to keep the interest of the dancer and teach the fundamentals. While playing games, singing, and learning basic movements, dancers learn to explore the world around them through dance activities. Each class begins with an introductory stretch and will follow the interests of the dancers in the class. Music is used heavily in the class to encourage communication and more! Interaction is consistent and incorporates a high level of praise to promote a strong sense of accomplishment. 

Technique: This class intensely trains dancers in both Ballet and Jazz Styles to improve a dancer’s quality of movement and proper technique. By breaking down steps to include proper head, arm, leg, hand, foot, and spine placement, this class can help shape dancers into higher level technical artists. Instead of working on performance choreography, this class covers more steps and in further detail. This class is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve at an above average pace in one season, and is especially good for dancers looking to score higher at competitions, where technique is judged closely.

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